The Prove It!
Apologetics Series for Youth

Amy Welborn
Published by Our Sunday Visitor Press

"Unlike so many authors for teens who really talk to the parents and then the parents anxiously prod their child to listen, Welborn writes to the teen. She has a real knack for meeting the teens at their own level, respecting their position and then inviting them to a higher level. Overall, the book would make a great gift and a fantastic textbook for any teen in seventh to 12th grade. Theologically precise and genuinely funny, the book provides the needed resources for a teen to logically explain and articulate his faith."
-Dimitra C. Bolger, Catholic New Service

Prove It: God

I Don't Believe in God Because....
  1. ...No One Can Prove He Exists
  2. ...Science Shows That the Universe Exists Without a God
  3. ...People Could Have Just Made the Stuff in the Bible up
  4. ...It's So Difficult to Find Him
  5. ...People Have So Many Different Ideas About Him
  6. ...There are So Many Hypocrites in Churches
  7. ...People Do Such Horrible Things in the Name of Religion
  8. ...It's What I Believe and I Don't Need Anyone Else to Tell Me What to Believe!
  9. ...I Want to Be Free to Be Myself
  10. ...I Don't Need Him
  11. ...Innocent People Suffer

Epilogue: What's the Alternative?

Prove It: Church

  1. What Church Do You Go To?
  2. Why Isn't Your Church a Bible Only Church?
  3. Why Don't You Read the Bible Literally?
  4. Why Aren't Some of Your Beliefs in the Bible?
  5. Why Doesn't Your Church Let You Interpret Scripture?
  6. Why Has Your Church Added Books to the Bible?
  7. Why Were You Baptized as a Baby?
  8. Why Aren't You Saved?
  9. Why Does Your Church Say You're Saved by Works, Not by Faith?
  10. Why Do You Pray to Saints?
  11. Why Do You Honor Mary So Much?
  12. Why Does Your Church Have Statues?
  13. Why Do you Believe That the Pope is Infallible?
  14. Why Do You Confess to a Priest?
  15. Why Do You Call Priests, Father?
  16. Why Do You Believe In Purgatory?
Epilogue: It's All About Love

Prove It: Jesus

I've Always Wondered.

  1. Is What the Gospels Say About Jesus True?
  2. What Are the Basic Facts About Jesus?
  3. What Did Jesus Really Teach?
  4. Did Jesus Really Perform Miracles?
  5. Why Was Jesus Executed?
  6. Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?
  7. When Is Jesus Going to Come Again?
  8. Was Jesus Really God?
  9. How Could Jesus Be Both God and Human?
  10. Why Did Jesus Come at All, and What Does It Mean for Me Today?

Prove It: Prayer

Section 1 I Don't Pray Because.
  1. God's In My Heart All the Time
  2. God Already Knows Everything I Feel: I Don't Have to Tell Him
  3. God's In Control: My Prayer Doesn't Influence Him

Section II I Want to Pray, But It's Difficult Because
  1. I'm Too Busy
  2. I Don't Know Where to Start
  3. Meditation is Weird
  4. I Can't Concentrate
  5. The Bible is Too Hard to Read
  6. Memorized Prayers Are Meaningless
  7. I don't Know Whether It's God I'm Hearing, or Just Me

Epilogue: Prayer and the Rest of Your Life
Appendix: Suggested Prayers and Bible Passages

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