Lots of resources and other things to help you.

Daily Stops

These are the places I check out almost every day:

Once a Week or so

  • Moby Lives A great site devoted to news about books, and insightful, amusing and honest commentary regarding the contemporary literary scene and book business.
  • The Straight Dope: answers to all the questions you've always wondered about, like, "If there's an 'I' street and a 'K' street in Washington D.C., why isn't there a "J" street?" and "Are there really fish scales in lipstick?"
  • The New York Observer
  • The Weekly Standard
  • Overlawyered Updated daily. Frightening, amazing tales from our litigous society.
  • Salon, usually only bearable when Camille Paglia has a new column
  • Newsmax Columnist links This is useful because it not only links to a ton of columnists, but also offers the title of the latest column, which is a helpful timesaver
  • The New York Press
  • EWTN News


  • Ebay I confess.
  • Amazon Still the best mega online bookseller, but methinks they're slipping a bit...
  • A Common Reader A marvelous, marvelous company filled with excellent book choices that will broaden your world.


My research for various writing projects takes me in a multitude of directions. Here are some of the most valuable sites I've found in my particular areas of interest.

Catholic Theology and History

  • EWTN The EWTN document library is invaluable, both for current church documents and historical documents.
  • New Advent contains most (if not all) of the text of the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, , the Summa, and the works of many Church Fathers.
  • The Ecole Initiative "Creating a Hyptertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History on the World Wide Web." Excellent
  • The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies Comprehensive, fascinating and addictive place to wander...if you like that kind of stuff, which I do.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library From Wheaton. Another essential, containing among other things the entire text of the Church Fathers volumes.
  • The Mysticism Page Excellent resource for information of all types and strands of mysticism
  • The Victorian Web
  • The Jesuit Relations When completed, will contain the English translation of the complete text of the records that 17th century French Jesuits kept of their North American Missions.
  • On-Line Latin Dictionary
  • Leadership U. A compilation of articles on theological and cultural issues, oriented to evangelical ministers, teachers, and academics. Some very useful material here, particularly in the area of God and science
  • Island of Freedom An interesting site offering short essays and good links to information on a variety of philsophers, theologians and artists.
  • Corunum Apologetic Web Site "Corunum's mission is to present the outline of Catholic doctrines as they appear in the writings of the Church Fathers." Very useful.
  • Nazareth Resource Library "Bringing quality Christian literature to the World Wide Web" An incredibly comprehensive and useful collection of material on everything Catholic, gathered by Catholic Answers apologist James Akin.
  • Catholic Web Resources


  • EWTN and the Catholic Encyclopedia are good places to start, then move on to:
  • St. Patrick's Parish Saints Directory I don't know who's responsible, but bless them for this amazing effort. Quite comprehensive.
  • Lives of the Saints Nice site maintained by Edmund LoPresti, with all the links you'll need.
  • Theology Library: Saints Another good site with links to specific saints' information across the WWW.


  • Bible Gateway A Concordance/Search of nine major translations (Neither the NAB or the Jerusalem are included, but the RSV is.)
  • Biblical Resources Excellent collection of links to everything you'll need, compiled by Professor Felix Just, S.J. at Loyola Marymount University

Various Thinkers and Writers

Unique Catholic Sites

  • Holy Weblog and Relapsed Catholic. Both are updated daily, and provide links to lots of interesting religion articles along with the respective webmistresses' commentary.
  • A Catholic Educator's Resource Center An excellent source of articles and links for any topic an educator (or researcher) might be researching.
  • A Catholic Page for Lovers
  • Biblical Evidence for Catholicism Self-explanatory. Comprehensive. Impressive.
  • The Monks of Adoration A contemplative community in Massachusetts allows us to pray with them via the internet! Another rich site.
  • The Aquinas Cafe These guys are great. Cheeky, smart and theologically...well, I guess it's obvious.
  • A new site from the webmaster of the former Quick-loading, informative - a good site for younger Catholics and seekers.
  • Catholic Film Review The fruit of yet one more individual's very hard work. An excellent site that provides good, intelligent reviews of current films.
  • Kim's Catholic Links Kim works very hard to give us a great collection of links to Catholic stuff! Thanks, Kim!
  • Lisa's Lighthouse is a relatively new site for the "Gen X" Catholic, but really, it's for anyone interested in learning more about Catholicism and browsing through an excellent, current collection of links.
  • The Catholic Calendar Page. What a great idea! The Easterbrooks maintain a page which tells you everything you want or need to know about the current day on the liturgical calendar: The readings, feast day, even what Mystery of the Rosary is waiting to be prayed!

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