A Personal NoteÖ.

Iíll take just a few words to clarify some personal points.

Iím tough on the issue of abortion, and I donít hide that. It seems to me to be the height of irrationality to say that what lies within a womanís womb isn't a human being and that cutting it to bits and sucking it up with a vacuum tube isn't murder.

My reasoning is simple:

Consider yourself now, at this moment, and then work your way back.

When did you begin to exist?

Was it at birth? Of course not. Before then? At what point?

Do you see where we're going?

There's only one dividing line between individual non-existence and existence, only one before and after: conception.

I could go on for pages on that, but I won't. I trust that if you're here, you already have firmly formed views and don't need me to tell you anything you don't know.

Except this, maybe.

As I said, I'm tough on this issue, and although my compassion for women and girls in unexpected pregnancies runs deep, I can't call abortion anything but what it is: the brutal taking of human life.

But, my reader protests - how can you talk about this in such black and white terms? How can you speak of it at all unless you've been in that situation yourself?

How about this. I have.

I'll make it short. Many years ago, I harbored some Products of Conception within my body. I wasn't married, and the whole thing promised to be a humiliating disaster. By the grace of God, I found the strength to stay the course and do what was right. For once.

The Product of Conception is getting in his car tomorrow and driving off to college.

He has a name, he has a future filled with mystery and hope, one more soul brought on this earth to glorify God and rejoice in His creation.

No one has the right to take that away from him today. No one ever did at any point in his life - not yesterday, not when he was two years old, not when he was a month in the womb, not when he was a day post-conception.

Like I said.

Pretty simple.

-Amy Welborn

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