First Week of Advent


Isaiah 25:6-10

Matthew 15:29-37

What are you hungry for?

Where does that hunger take you?

Are the paths you travel as you try to satisfy your hunger destructive or life-giving?

And after you’ve satisfied your hunger today, what about tomorrow? Will the emptiness return?

Isaiah envisions a feast. Jesus feeds thousands out of just a few loaves and fishes. In both cases, the message is clear: the power and position you’re convinced will satisfy you will eventually be downsized, transferred and forgotten. The person whose love you crave will eventually pass on, pass away or pass over you. The perfect body for which you yearn will, no matter what, end up as dust.

In the end, it all comes down to the hunger for love and the assurance of meaning and purpose. When we seek to satisfy that hunger in the world’s terms, we will never be satisfied, because the world is fickle. It changes. It forgets.

But what if today – just today – you laid all your hungers at Jesus’ feet and allow yourself to be nourished by his love for you.

What would happen then?

I will be doing my best to post a reflection on the readings of the day every morning - some days I'll do better than others, but I will give it my best shot - I won't have time to archive anything, though.

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